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Monday, February 27, 2012

Political Prisoner Support: Free the Brass Lung!!!

Okay, our beloved brass band is actually already free and probably isn't facing jail, but they are being screwed and need our help. The Brass Lung is being prosecuted for disorderly conduct by Target (that one at Bethany Home and 19th Ave in PHX) for taking their music to their store one night earlier this year. You'd think that they would be celebrated for spreading joy and enlightenment wherever they go, but apparently they weren't very appreciated by Target's management, so now we will all be taught a lesson in how this big box deals with our creative, idealistic, eccentric youth: They criminalize them for playing music.

I think that's more than just a big misunderstanding. Something needs to be done about this Target store. Our people weren't even "protesting" them. 

Not yet, anyway...

Fortunately, the band already has a concrete way we can each help them get the charges dismissed so this petty BS doesn't screw up their lives. Please take a few minutes and print up copies of the letter below, and deliver them to Target and the band, as suggested.

Thank you for your support.

the Brass Lung, being cited by a squadron 
of highly-paid Phoenix Police at Target.

---------from the Brass Lung-----

Dear Friends,

It seems these ridiculous Disorderly Conduct charges are not going away as easily as we once thought. So we are reaching out to you to help us help Target & the City of Phoenix understand that playing brass music for 2 minutes should not be a waste of our tax dollars to pursue disorderly conduct charges. Just FYI, while many of us have participated in social justice events in the past, this was NOT a protest of Target. It was just for fun. We don't need big fundraisers or whatever, we just need your voice. :)

Here's what we're asking for:

1. Get two copies of our letter. (locations listed below) Fill out two identical copies of the letter. Like - "I am writing on behalf of my FRIEND, ADAM, who plays TROMBONE in a local brass band." etc etc. A personal note at the end could be helpful, as well.

2. You can EITHER: A) (best) bring a copy to management at Target on 19th Ave & Bethany Home Rd and one to us OR B) bring two copies to us and we'll get them to the right people.

3. Tell your friends and spread the word.

4. Bask in our gratitude. lovelovelove.


1. Kate's front porch, downtown Phx - 9th St & Oak, under the bench.

2. Ash Avenue Books & Comics in Tempe.

Nick - Quads  /  Garyn - Snare  /   Stacy - Bass Drum  / Erica - Cymbals
Zach - Euphonium  /  Paul - Trombone / Adam -Trombone / Kate - Trumpet
Stevie - Trumpet /  Jason - Saxaphone  / Edie - Camera

thank you dearly :)

here's the support letter:

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