I began this blog in May 2009 following the death of Marcia Powell at Perryville State Prison in Goodyear, Arizona. It is not intended to prescribe the path that leads to freedom from the prison industrial complex.

Rather, these are just my observations in arguably the most racist, fascist, militaristic state in the nation at a critical time in history for a number of intersecting liberation movements. From Indigenous resistance to genocidal practices, to the fight over laws like SB1070 and the ban on Ethnic Studies, Arizona is at the center of many battles for human rights, and thus the struggle for prison abolition as well - for none are free until all are. I retired the blog in APRIL 2013.

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Imperial History that Tom Horne Denies...

 AZ Attorney General's Office, PHOENIX
Centennial Day 2012
I conducted a solo protest in front of the AZ Attorney General's office on Centennial Day a couple of weeks ago - right before a bunch of flag-waving school children walked by - it was a great first amendment lesson for them. 
His assistant came running out to chase me away when I first set up my street signs (for morning rush hour traffic) and started chalking. She informed me that I was in front of the Attorney Generals' office and told me to take it down the street; she was greatly offended to learn that it was Tom himself I was protesting, asserting to me indignantly: "Why, Tom hasn't done anything!". 
I had nothing to say in response to that blanket denial - the poor woman was clearly delusional and couldn't be reasoned with. Fortunately, a Phoenix cop rode up on his bicycle and distracted her for a few minutes while she argued with him about why he wouldn't arrest or cite me for vandalism (it's protected speech in  chalk on a city sidewalk, the cop tried to explain - which is not the AG's property). She left when he did. 

Once I was finished I went on over to Wes Bolin Plaza at the Capitol, where I found a nice canvas in front of the Centennial Cactus.

Remember, now - anyone can do this kind of thing by themselves on their own schedule. Just bring a camera and tell anyone who asks that you're making a documentary on free speech and political expression in Arizona. That usually gets them to at least step back and reconsider their approach to you.

Now for the history lesson:

Warning: Viewing the following video may be prohibited in certain public schools in the state of Arizona, once Tom Horne gets his hands on it. 16 year old kids are too young to be exposed to competing interpretations of our collective history and truth, but they're old enough to prosecute as adults and send to prison for the rest of their lives...

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