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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Sleeper cells" in Occupy Phoenix encampments.

UPDATE 7/23/14:  Came across this post today for the first time since I wrote it, and need to let folks know that Ed Medina from Occupy Phoenix turned out to be a good guy - one of us. I'm sure I mistook what he was saying below; I didn't know him at the time I wrote this, but I've come to know Ed pretty well due to his post-occupation organizing, mostly, and I think his contempt for the police is as deep as mine is. The media just didn't understand what any of us were saying back then. So, just for the record, I vouch for Ed Medina from Phoenix, if anyone asks. He's young, but he's learning, and I'm pretty sure he's cool.                                             - Peggy Plews

Courtesy of the Phoenix Anarchists.
Find more posters at the Phoenix Class War Council's blog:
Fires Never Extinguished.

This article below and the plan for inserting spies amongst our encampments is totally counterproductive; it's poison to "the occupation". We need to decolonize, not occupy anyway. If we go with the idea that whomever was here first gets the prize, Phoenix is already occupied land - there are people's ancestors here from thousands of years ago - before Arizona or Mexico - and they aren't of European origin, like most of the folks getting in on this occupation thing now.

Anyway, just so folks know, while I've been promoting participation in the Occupy Phoenix actions being somewhat coordinated via facebook, that will probably end shortly here. I'm not in league with these particular "organizers" of this event and don't endorse the use of "sleeper cells" or collaboration with the police. My community is already a target because of our anarchist/anti-state politics. Safety is knowing that the police are pursuing white supremacists and corporate criminals, not sleeping amongst us. The violent thugs tend to be the ones with badges and guns, not bandannas and banners.

Look for radical space and actions shared by folks like the Phoenix Anarchists, Shining Soul, Indigenous Resisters (Save the Peaks, too), and Food Not Bombs at the Phoenix "occupation". Come to the Pre-Occupation March on Friday, October 14 at 3pm (Downtown Civic Space Park). We'll try to keep these sleeper cells out of our midst, but assume that cops, provocateurs and informants are here already, and look out for eachother - there really are violent thugs who would hurt us given the chance - most of them have badges and guns, though.

------------------from channel 15 / ABC Phoenix------------

Downtown Phoenix soon to be occupied

By: Steve Kuzj

PHOENIX - Starting in New York and sweeping through the country, the “Occupy Wall Street” protest is moving its way to the Valley.

On Saturday, Oct. 15, “Occupy Phoenix” will begin downtown at the Cesar Chavez Memorial Plaza.
Organizer Edward Medina has worked hard to harness the frustration of Arizona and get them involved in the occupations.

Just how big could Saturday be? On Facebook, more than 5,000 people support the group, with nearly 2,000 pledging to be there this Saturday. Medina says to expect more.

At the other events, violence has broken. Police clash with the protesters, and hundreds are being arrested.
The Phoenix Police Department says they are prepared for the protest and whatever they may do.

"We as the sixth largest city in the nation [and] prepare for these kinds of events and would certainly be prepared for anything," Phoenix police Sgt. Steve Martos said.

Organizers of Occupy Phoenix say they want to work with police to keep the event safe.

"We would like it to remain as peaceful as possible. We actually have sleeper cells set up with in the campgrounds that will monitor anyone who tries to get violent and deal with them," Medina said.

Despite having no direct leadership and no specific message, most agree that change is needed at the top levels of power in government and the financial sector.

Protest groups have been turning out to express their anger over costly healthcare, rising unemployment, corporate greed, and politicians who they believe fail to represent constituents.

The "Occupy Wall Street" protest began in September with hundreds of people gathering in Manhattan's financial district to point out what they believe are problems plaguing the nation.

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