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Friday, October 7, 2011

NPR's KJZZ is out to dupe you.

(Just in case you forgot)

At about 7:10 this morning, after listening to the "news" of the Russ Pearce/Jerry Lewis debate (I'll let them speak for themselves - hit their campaign sites at those links), I left the following message in KJZZ's box. They're the Phoenix area NPR station ("your source for news, entertainment, jazz and blues" - I really don't know where the notion of them being a voice for the truth came from. It's the power of the myth of mainstream media, you know?).

According to the KJZZ coverage, either of those two guys would be swell for our legislature to have in power. They tend to endorse Brewer pretty heartily too, but this was over the top.
The fact that they solicit public funds under NPR makes that even more slimy than if they were a Fox station running such an editorial as news.

So, be careful about them, people - don't have them on in the background where they might lull you into more of a stupor than you may already be in.
They're just as bad about schmoozing the Obama crowd as well - they're trying to play this both ways. These recessions and service cutbacks push us into survival mode out here, and it's going to get worse before it gets better. Nothing stifles a revolution like hunger and cold, they think - the corporate powers are invested in wearing us down and killing us softly if we don't buy or make what they sell. That's stoked many a revolution, too, however.

We desperately need more independent media here, folks...I read Chaparral Respects No Borders and Censored News, tune into Dennis Gilman and Stephen Lemons , adore Brian Wilkins, check out private prison stuff at the Tucson Citizen, and Spacebook with Phoenix anarchists (you have to find them on your own) - the point is, to tune in to more than mainstream media - Occupy Wall Street should prove to everyone by now that they've all been paid off - the liberals didn't really even notice a thing until a bunch of "peaceful" white women got pepper-sprayed. I've also chalked a good many street protests for progressive and radical causes in Phoenix over the past two years: KJZZ has their finger on nothing - especially not who should be making more laws to rule the people of Arizona right now (this ain't just about Mesa, folks). I think both Lewis and Pearce will cage us for a profit when we defy them.

Why isn't KJZZ reporting on all that? Tune in close today and tell them what you hear, in fact: Let them know which of the two fabulous guys running for Russ Pearce's Senate seat we want to represent us. Call them at 480-834-5627, or hit their public comment page. Warn them not to blow it with Occupy Phoenix, while you're at it.

Anyway, here's my constructive criticism for KJZZ. The reporter's name has been deleted from my original remarks to the station - just know that
they're all highly suspect...

"Just heard (KJZZ)'s endorsement of Russ Pearce...I mean, his report on the debate between him and Lewis last night. You are so easily bought - it doesn't matter by which party. Everything you produce these days sounds like a press release for someone. So, do we want Pearce's depth of experience, KJZZ wants to know??? How about his racist legislation, I'd like to ask??? What happened to being a voice for the truth? I'm never tuning into you again!"

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