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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

AZ prison privatization public hearings.

Please turn out for these hearings this month, folks. Contact Caroline Isaacs at the AFSC-Tucson office with questions:

103 N Park Avenue, Suite 111

Tucson, AZ 85719


--------from the Tucson Citizen----------------

Public Hearings Scheduled for Proposed Private Prisons in Eloy, Goodyear, Winslow, San Luis, and Coolidge

by cell-out-arizona on Aug. 02, 2011

The Arizona Department of Corrections has given a green light to four private, for-profit correctional management corporations for the construction and management of an additional 5,000 state prison beds.

The Department of Corrections will be holding public hearings in each of the towns under consideration for a new prison or prisons. The public is encouraged to attend and voice their concerns about having a private prison as a neighbor.

Here is the schedule of the hearings:

1. Eloy: Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) has proposed two prisons for Eloy—1,500 beds and 3,000 beds.

The Eloy public hearing will be held Tuesday, August 9th, 6-8pm at the Curiel Annex School, 304 West Alsdorf Rd., Eloy.

2. Goodyear: GEO Group (formerly Wackenhut) has proposed a prison that could be anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 beds.

The Goodyear public hearing will be held Wednesday, August 10th, 6-8 pm at the Desert Edge High School Auditorium, 15778 West Yuma Rd., Goodyear.

3. Winslow: LaSalle/Southwest Corrections has proposed a 1,000-bed prison for Winslow.

The Winslow public hearing will be held Thursday, August 11th, 6-8pm at the Winslow High School Performing Arts Center, 600 E. Cherry St., Winslow.

4. San Luis (Yuma): There are two proposed prisons for Yuma. Management and Training Corporation (MTC) has proposed to build a 3,000-bed prison and GEO Group seeks to build one with 2,000-3,000 beds.

The San Luis public hearing for both proposed prisons will be held Tuesday, August 16th, 6-10pm at the San Luis City Council Chambers, 1090 East Union St., San Luis.

5. Coolidge: Management and Training Corporation (MTC) has proposed a prison of 3,000 or 5,000 beds.

The Coolidge public hearing will be held Thursday, August 18th, 6-8pm at the Coolidge City Council Chambers, 911 S. Arizona Blvd., Coolidge.

This will be the one and only opportunity that the public will have to give input on these proposed prisons. Thus far, the only publicity for them has been a statutorily-required posting in the “legal notices” section of the local papers.

If you know anyone who lives in these communities, please encourage them to attend the hearings. AFSC will be organizing carpools from Tucson. Please contact us at:

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