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Rather, these are just my observations in arguably the most racist, fascist, militaristic state in the nation at a critical time in history for a number of intersecting liberation movements. From Indigenous resistance to genocidal practices, to the fight over laws like SB1070 and the ban on Ethnic Studies, Arizona is at the center of many battles for human rights, and thus the struggle for prison abolition as well - for none are free until all are. I retired the blog in APRIL 2013.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snowbowl Resistance: Call to Action!

Please drop off donations and equipment to support the Snowbowl Resistance at:

1700 N. 2nd St.
Occupied Territories
Flagstaff, AZ, 86004


Something’s a brewin’! Support the Convergence and Cook Shack Base Camp on the Peaks!

by Peaks CookShack on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 5:57pm




Dear Friends Family, Neighbors and Allies,

The Cook Shack has officially set-up camp!!! We started our first day with over two dozen people strong. Today, on our second day, we have grown to 40 plus people who love and care about the Peaks, the all sacred places, people’s health, cultural and spiritual survival, and the protection of Mother Earth. Folks from all over are coming together to stop the construction and put an end once and for all to the desecration.

What we need now is more of us. We ALL need to converge on the Holy San Francisco Peaks. Let’s become hundreds and thousands strong. The construction is moving quickly and we need everyone to act now. Don’t wait until it’s too late. With a thousand voices, anything is possible!

Don’t know where to start? Here are just a few suggestions…

1. Grab your gear and come camping! Enjoy the peace and beauty the Peaks has to offer and give back by joining the resistance. Please be self-sufficient. List of what that means, included below.

2. Come to the mountain for a day! Say hello to us, go for a hike, take a breather, play with your kids… just come!

3. Help run and support the Cook Shack. Make donations at Taala Hooghan Infoshop – 1704 N. 2nd. St. East Flagstaff AZ. List of needs included below.

4. Become the Media! Bear witness, document the atrocities being committed by Snowbowl, the Forest Service, and by extension the USDA, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and the city of Flagstaff… and spread the word!

5. Be ready! Keep your eyes/ears open and support calls to action and public events in the next few weeks!

If you would like to support the CookShack basecamp, here are some things we need:

- Monies for gas and other supplies! You can send/drop off a donation at Taala Hooghan Infoshop or use paypal on

- Food (ongoing) – Dry goods, snacks, fruits, and non-perishables

- Water (ongoing) – 5 gallon drums with potable water

- Coffee and Teas

- Camping stoves and propane tanks

- Ammo cans

- Sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tents

- First Aid and Homeopathic medicine for headaches, heat exhaustion, and altitude sickness

- Rain and cold weather gear (please, it’s below 45 degrees in the evenings)

What it means to be self-sufficient?

It is low 40’s in the evenings and there will be scattered thunderstorms throughout the week. Please bring warm and rain-proof clothing and gear.

Things to bring with you:

  • Earth-friendly toiletries
  • Water
  • Food and cooking utensils if needed
  • Utensils, plate and cup!
  • Toilet paper
  • Tent
  • Tarps
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Sleeping pad and bag
  • Medicine (if you need it)
  • Extra clothing

Reminders when converging on the Peaks:

  • Leave no trace!
  • Minimize garbage and dispose of it properly.
  • Abide by US forest Service regulations
  • No drugs/alcohol/violence/haters
  • No sexism, homophobia, racism, classism, transphobia, ageism, or any other form of oppression or other forms of violence
  • Dogs welcomed
  • Be deeply responsible for yourself and your actions
  • Be respectful
  • Be helpful

The goals of the Cook Shack base camp are simple:

To be visibly and actively in resistance to corporate greed, state violence, environmental destruction, and spiritual desecration.

To not allow ourselves or others to look away - To bear witness to the atrocities being committed against the environment, indigenous people and community health, as well as bear witness to the resilience and power of the people!

To support other encampments and affinity groups by providing access to available food, gear, first aid, information and other supplies being offered and dropped off by supporters and community members. We will be transporting donations from Taala Hooghan Infoshop to the CookShack base camp.

To answer the calls to action to STOP CONSTRUCTION AND DESECRATION and to stand with people past and present fighting to protect the peaks and all sacred places.

Much Love,

Cook Shack

“Rise like Tsunamis after the Earthquakes”

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