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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mercenaries in the AZ Desert: Chinga La Migra

Interesting, and not very surprising, unfortunately. Please follow the link for the full article. Brenda Norrell is the best journalist I've seen report on issues related to the indigenous and the border, and she dug into all those Chinga La Migra files herself...

--------------------from Censored News----------------

Hacked police data: Assassins plan special ops team on Arizona border

originally posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2011

UPDATED: Hacked Arizona police files describe mercenary-type patrols on the Arizona border. However, one of those armed men at the border, responding to the leaked report, said some of the armed patrols are there to halt drug cartels, not to hunt migrants

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Updated July 17, 2011

SASABE, Ariz. -- In the leaked files of Chinga La Migra, a police report describes an encounter with a heavily-armed man at Sasabe and states there is a "mercenary-type" action planned for this area. It is the second time that e-mails leaked by hackers in the Chinga La Migra data revealed heavily-armed mercenary types here at Sasabe, southwest of Tucson. In the first police e-mail leaked, off-duty Marines were exposed patrolling with assault weapons.

In this second e-mail from police files, agents working in the town of Sasabe in March said they were approached by a man who engaged in a conversation with agents.

The agents said they immediately noticed that the man had a Glock pistol holstered on his right hip. The man also retrieved a Saiga shotgun, along with a 10 round magazine and a 20 round drum magazine from his truck and showed the agents.

“He stated that he is soon to receive funding in the amount of $350,000.00 from what he described as ‘Concerned citizens’ and that he planned to use this funding to bring up to five men into the area," the police report states.

The heavily-armed man “went on to describe these men, as well as himself, as prior military, all with extensive experience such as Recon, Sniper and Ranger Training, etc., and plans to conduct mercenary type operations in both the Sasabe, Arizona and Sasabe, Sonora border area," the police report states.

The police report states that he admitted having "Improvised Explosive Devices" deployed in the desert near Sasabe.

Agents were urged to take extreme caution while working in the area near Sasabe. In April, after the man was seen in Sasabe, there was a five hour police search of the area with a bomb crew.

Response: Some armed patrols on the border target drug cartels, not hunting migrants

One person who says he is armed at the Arizona border responded to the original article published here by Censored News, and the data from the Arizona police files.

Responding, the man said he is armed and at the Arizona border, but he is not part of the Minutemen or Blue Lights patrols. Instead, he said he is there to halt the armed cartel drug runners coming north, weapons going south, and for the protection of the communities.

He said the cartel escorts accompanying the drug loads are armed with AK47s. Some of the cartel lookouts on this side of the border are also armed with AK47s. Since it is very desolate country, any help is usually about an hour away, if any help comes at all. So to go out there unarmed is suicide, he said.

He points out that there are corrupt Border Patrol agents on the border and they report people with false information, if they get in the corrupt agents' way.

The corruption within the Border Patrol was the subject of testimony before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, on June 9, 2011 in Washington. Officials testified that 127 Border Patrol agents have been arrested and hundreds more are now under investigation, for corruption, including drug smuggling and accepting bribes from drug runners.

Responding to Censored News, the person who is armed at the border said he is there to halt drug cartels from coming in, prevent weapons from going south into Mexico and to protect the local area. He said there are good people on the other side of the border in Mexico and they do not deserve to be slaughtered by the drug cartels.

But he said he is not there to hunt migrants. He said he even carries extra water and food for migrants that are left stranded.

He points out that the U.S. government has supplied the cartels with over 2,500 AK/47s.

This fact was revealed in the recent testimony, and news reports, of the ATF Fast and Furious operation. Those ATF weapons in the operation, which the ATF claims were part of a sting operation, are being used on both sides of the border. These weapons that the US was allowing to "walk" across the border were proven to be used in the murder of two US agents, including one agent near Nogales, Ariz.

The Los Angeles Times points out that not only did 2,500 weapons wind up in the hands of the cartels, but the DEA and FBI were paying the same cartel members as informants. “The official said at least half a dozen cartel figures were being paid by one U.S. law enforcement agency while they were being targeted by another.”,0,6972222.story

Further, responding to Censored News, the armed man patrolling the Arizona border says that Wells Fargo/Wachovia was caught laundering $378 billion of cartel drug money over a period of 4 years, over 90 billion a year. He pointed out that not one criminal charge was brought against them.

Further, the man patrolling the Arizona border said the intent of the government is not to stop this drug running, but it is to keep it going so there are more people in this country "doped up who can't think straight and will obey whatever they are told." Referring to the US military and drug running, he said: Why do you think we are in Afghanistan?

He said it is because 90 percent of the world’s opium comes from there.

He said by patrolling the mountains at the Arizona border, he is trying to stop the drug trade and not only put a crimp on the cartel cash flow, but also on the U.S. government cash flow and corruption...

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