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Monday, April 4, 2011

We are One: Defy Wells Fargo! APRIL 4, 2011.

Needless to say, all of the immigrant-chasing people like Brewer and Pearce do has only distracted the working class from who our real enemy is: the people in power who profit from exploiting us all. We need to take back our money.

These protests and days of action are all good and well, but one thing the King of Love knew well was the power of the extended boycott. These people just can't make enough money to make themselves happy without doing so at our expense, and we aren't really going to hurt them unless the whole working and struggling middle class (and their unions) divested economically from Wells Fargo - private citizens, community organizations, schools, and governments all being screwed by these people just need to walk away.

Enough with the lip service to "social responsibility" from corporations that just bury their body count more effectively to boost their bottom line, too. It's time to really push for meaningful public investment standards and tax laws that protect the rest of us from the corrosive greed of a few.

Anyway, I honestly don't know what protests are organized for Phoenix today - there's just an AFL-CIO lunchtime MLK/CHavez celebration listed on these' folks' website. (If you didn't already RSVP, forget it). I have my chalk and my autonomy, though, so I'll hit someone's sidewalk by the end of the day.


April 4 – Union, Community and Student Activists will mark the anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with Job Actions, Sit-Ins and Protests

The union movement has called for “We Are One” actions across the country to mark this important anniversary and to call for solidarity with Wisconsin workers and the struggle for justice every where. Thousands of actions both big and small are being called not only by the unions but by community and student groups who are joining on this day.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Memphis, where he stood fighting for the dignity of 1,300 sanitation workers and their right to a union.

Workers across the country -- public sector and industrial like port workers -- are sick and tired of union busting and attacks on the working class. Here are just a few of the exciting things planned for April 4:

*Sit-in with Oakland teachers. More than 600 teachers, nurses, counselors and librarians who serve the mostly Black community in Oakland are facing layoffs. They will march to Wells Fargo bank, sit-in to demand that the banks pay their share. They will set up a classroom inside the bank to teach about the role of the banks and the economic crisis.

Find a Wells Fargo bank in your area to picket or leaflet. In Los Angeles, Baltimore and other cities Wells Fargo solidarity actions are already planned. In LA, SEIU health care workers and the Bailout the Peoples Movement will demand Wells Fargo stop foreclosures and evictions, too. For info call Betty Olson-Jones, Oakland Education Association President at 510-866-3676 in Oakland and in Los Angeles call John Parker at 323-899-2003.

*Wisconsin workers -- at the epicenter of the struggle for the rights of all workers -- continue their struggle with a variety of statewide events on April 4. StandwithWisconsinMajor marches Milwaukee and Madison will welcome Sanitation workers from Memphis, Tenn. and the California Longshore workers' ILWU Local 10 Drill Team

In Milwaukee, 3:30-6:01 pm, MLK Statue on MLK drive, march and rally with a moment of silence at 6:01 pm. In Madison, the Poor People’s March, meets at Madison City Hall at 5 pm. At t he Capitol's State St. Steps gather for "From Memphis to Madison Rally" and candlelight vigil on MLK Blvd. from the Capitol to Monona Terrace.

*In North Carolina a dynamic coalition of the NAACP, UE 150, Black Workers for Justice and the NC State AFL-CIO is spearheading actions. These organizations have been leading the fight for workers rights in the South. For a events go to:

*In New York City area — Communication Workers of America (CWA) and student and community activists are marching on City Hall to demand and end to budget cuts and attacks on workers and "March and Rally for Jobs, Peace, Justice and Equality" 5:30 pm, Corner of Broad and Market Streets, Newark, NJ - For more info call 973-801-0001.

*Replaced UAW Local 174 drivers say, “You don’t have to go to Wisconsin. Union Busting Ryder Is Here In Detroit.” GM is using non-union drivers for "just-in-time" parts deliveries. Picket the GM Hamtramck Assembly plant in the morning. "We are one" event gathers at Campus Martius Park, marches to Labor Arch.

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