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Monday, April 18, 2011

Phoenix PD sends suicidal man off bridge.

What is wrong with the Phoenix PD? Don't they know how to deal with suicidal citizens without killing us? They would have probably been safer diving behind their cars than firing at him like this, when they thought they were in danger - then he would have had to advance from his position on the wall of the bridge, and they could have hit him with all the beanbags they wanted without sending him off the edge.

I know - Monday morning quarterbacking is easy to do with the cops - but if we don't rethink how some of these scenarios could otherwise unfold, how will they ever change?

If you need help getting through a crisis, and can't get it from a friend - or just need to bounce things off an objective third party - call these folks, not the police:

National Suicide Hotline:

(Veterans press 1)


Threat on Phoenix overpass closes, backs up eastbound I-10
by Shala Marks and Kiali Wong - Apr. 18, 2011 12:02 PM
The Arizona Republic-12 News Breaking News Team

A man is dead after threatening to jump off the Interstate 10 overpass at 43rd Avenue early Monday in Phoenix, forcing the closure of eastbound I-10 at 51st Avenue.

The closure created a massive backup on Interstate 10. On-ramps to eastbound I-10 were closed at 83rd, 75th, 67th, 59th, 51st and 43rd avenues. Traffic was backed up to at least 75th Avenue, a more than 4-mile backup, causing commute times of more than two hours for many drivers.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety recommends McDowell and Buckeye roads as alternate routes. Traffic appears to be heavy on these and other surface streets near the interstate.

The freeway was expected to closed "a couple more hours," said Sgt. Steve Martos, spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department, at about 11 a.m.

The 40-year-old man was first spotted by a person driving on Interstate 10 at about 4:30 a.m. Monday, said Sgt. Steve Martos, spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department. The driver called Phoenix police after seeing the man apparently standing outside of the railing on the 43rd Avenue overpass.

Police arrived, and the man told them to back away, Martos said. The man, who had an article of clothing wrapped around his right hand, also told officers he had a gun.

Officers tried to negotiate, Martos said. The man told officers about his family and how to contact them.

A semitruck was parked underneath the man in case he jumped, Martos said.

At about 5:30 a.m., the man stood up and started to approach police, Martos said. He pointed his right hand and five officers, fearing for their safety, opened fire with beanbag rounds and rifle rounds. A handgun also was used, Martos said.

Officers are unclear if the man jumped or if he was shot and fell off the overpass. Police didn't immediately know if any of the rounds hit the man.

The man fell just north of the semitruck because he had moved from his original position on the overpass, Martos said.

It is unknown if the man had a weapon, Martos said.

After firefighters determined the man was dead, authorities backed away, Martos said. A Phoenix police crime unit is processing the scene, and a helicopter is taking pictures.

A medical examiner also has been called in, Martos said.


  1. "Officers are unclear if the man jumped or if he was shot and fell off the overpass."
    "It is unknown if the man had a weapon"

    please tell me i am reading this wrong?!
    of course he didnt fucking jump you ignorant fascists.
    i would very much like to know more details about this event. how exactly did the officers interpret their lives, safety was at risk that warranted essentially hashing out a death sentence by shooting (non-lethal and lethal) weapons at a man who was standing inches from a ledge four stories off the ground? how is/are/was these actions justifiable? any man who fired any weapon at the man deserves to be terminated (at least) and in my opinion manslaughter charges are in order.

  2. What would you have done?, waited for the suicidal man to shoot a cop first? It's a tragic situation for everyone involved.

  3. If the guy really wanted shoot the cops,why would he had something around his arm to cover what ever he was carrying.They first thing the should of found out what was the man carrying,but no the first thing these dum fucks no what to do is shoot for there supposly safety.The cops did not try to help that man,at all.supposely there negotiate with the guy for 1 hour,and then they shoot the guy,don't you think if it had to take you hours and hours in order a to safe a mans lives you would of stay there negotiating,till the guy was in safety.