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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Border Patrol and the Fallen Father of Three...

They say he just "fell down".

Follow the title link below for the video and original editorial, but ignore most of the comments that follow it - there are some ugly people living here. I wish being a decent human being was a stipulation for being an American citizen; it would solve most of the problems we have today...


Did Border Patrol almost kill a father of 3 US born children in Arizona?
Tucson Citizen
by Three Sonorans on Apr. 09, 2011

Jose Gutierrez Guzman

Jose lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and has a wife with three US born children.

Jose was brought here as a little boy and has never returned to Mexico since then. Even though Jose is 42 years old, and has been here since he was a child, Jose is undocumented.

The father of three was deported to Mexico.

His daughter was really sick, so he tried to come back to be with his family in Phoenix. He crossed over at the San Luis border crossing just south of Yuma, Arizona and ran into Border Patrol.

He is now clinging to life, having almost died.

His wife is asking the Border Patrol what happened? They said “he fell down.”

The Border Patrol simply said Jose "fell down." Was that after a beating?

When they say he fell down, was that after being hit in the head?

Then it comes out that he was tazed also… and the story keeps changing.

What makes this whole story worse is that Jose is undocumented, and all the hospital has to do is stabilize him before dumping, I mean deporting, him back into Mexico, a country he does not know..

I bet Russell Pearce, Ron Gould, and the rest of the Republicans, who claim to be Christians also, are all giddy over this. First this father of US born children was deported.

Then beat up and left for dead.

And now he gets to be deported again and left for dead.

I bet Jesus is happy right now also, looking down on the man who he died for and saying “tough luck Jose. I can forgive all your mortal sins, but not having your papers… shame on you!”

As he says this He is clearing a spot for Russell Pearce and the Border Patrol agents who may have beat down Jose. Good job and eternal paradise for enforcing the law over having basic humanity.

Oh wait, Russell Pearce, high priest of the Mormon Church doesn’t go to heaven but gets to rule his own planet free of black and brown people. Well, according to his religion that is the case.

According to other religions, there’s a nice warm spot in hell waiting for Russell Pearce and his hatred of humanity in the name of stupid paperwork and man-made laws.

What part of Human is Human doesn’t he understand?

And what part of Illegal is Illegal does Russell Pearce with his Fiesta Bowl scandal not understand?

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