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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The US Army Kill Team and a Song for Bradley Manning.

Something's wrong with this picture: this smiling American GI just murdered that Afghan civilian, but we aren't supposed to encourage young soldiers to expose this kind of thing.

We're supposed to trust the U.S. Army to deliver real justice
to those who resist its brutality
from the inside.

That's just bullshit.

From Rolling Stone (march 27, 2011):

"In a break with protocol, the soldiers also took photographs of themselves celebrating their kill. In the photos, Morlock grins and gives a thumbs-up sign as he poses with Mudin’s body. Note that the boy’s right pinky finger appears to have been severed. Staff Sgt. Calvin Gibbs reportedly used a pair of razor-sharp medic’s shears to cut off the finger, which he presented to Holmes as a trophy for killing his first Afghan."

I guess this is the lesson for now:

If you're going to go to prison for the rest of your life,
make it for something worthwhile:
do it like Bradley Manning.

That kid saved lives.

The Army wanted him to stand back and allow others to destroy life, instead -
like the good soldiers who let this shit go on for so long, I suppose,

or the upper-level brass who tried to cover it up.
War criminals, all of them.

Unless we stand and fight with him, Bradley Manning will probably do more time than some of the guys who murdered Afghan civilians with the U.S. Army's "Kill Team", whose trophy photos are spread out in Rolling Stone Magazine this week - that's how well we have our priorities ordered in America. The military should be ashamed of themselves for holding him pending trial - what kind of threat does he pose them now, anyway?

Ah, yes - the example of resistance; they're putting the rest of us in our place pre-emptively by essentially taking his life - branding him a traitor and condemning him to indefinite solitary confinement. We need to show them it won't work, or we're going to be the next examples they make to subdue the People with. I think we need a federal law that makes it a crime to keep the things Manning gave to Wikileaks secret in the first place...hey, isn't there one in the Army handbooks already? Where are all the people who failed to report any of that stuff going down - why aren't they being vilified, prosecuted, or crucified like him?

Guess we have a problem with double standards in this country...

From youtube, one of our best troubadours of the day,
about one young man who said "no more" to American war crimes:
Thanks for this tune, David.

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