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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The People Resist Racism: Tom Horne's "Thuggish Mob".

Believe it or not, this is an actual press release as posted at the Arizona Attorney General's website. Do they not get that it's mocking him? You must read the law they're protesting if you haven't yet -it's atrocious. I'd think even most AZ voters would be embarasssed to have thier names attached to it, but they don't seem to be able to get past the lies (lies, and more lies to justify hate) and sound bytes those people peddle.
These young people are passionate, yes - but a "thuggish mob?" C'mon. That guy is the most powerful prosecutor in the state, and he's characterizing student activists this way - that's trouble for all of us. He's awfully fragile for a politician of any kind, but especially for an Attorney General. Why is he so threatened by these protesters? I can only imagine what he'd do if I chalked his sidewalk like I did Goddard's when he was in office...You, Mr Horne, are not the victim here. You are the power abusing the rest of us.
Anyway, I hope this state sees the man for what he is, here, as expressed in his own press release: A racist coward. He's been going after the youth since day one as state superintendent. Here's his follow-up letter finding Tucson Schools in violation of his law. Shame on Arizona voters for putting him in this position now. His big beef? Disrespect for authority. Youth should trust their teachers and their government, and not be taught that they have been oppressed by racism and raised on lies, he says. Paolo Friere's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" should apparently be banned. He wants us all to be sheep, not just the Latino kids.
Look, Horne - you have the money to rub your politics in our faces day in and day out, from every street corner in town to every cop on the beat. If this is the worst you face in the way of public sentiment about your own brand of thuggery, you're whining about nothing. In fact, you haven't seen anything yet in the way of resistance to your agenda, given how you plan to hurt people - and it'll be coming from all directions, soon. You clearly aren't in that office to protect the public or defend the constitution and our civil rights - you're just trying to protect your own privilege, like the rest of your kind...

And that's coming from a direct descendant of the first Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, William Bradford, since those things seem to matter to you. I'm also a daughter of the American Revolution, with the genes of Brigham Young running through my veins. So when I refer to "your kind" I'm not talking about your "race" or even your nationality as being distinct from mine - I'm talking about the elite in every country who make and enforce the laws of their lands to suit their own interests and assure their own children that the wealth they've extracted from exploiting the hard work of others will be passed on to them when they die, with no accompanying duty to give back to the people you all feed on (us, the "oppressed" of many stripes whose existence you doubt).

"My kind", on the other hand, are over-represented in your shelters and jails and prisons, and in your soup lines, battlefront lines, and underground economies. My kind would hike a thousand miles across the Sonoran desert - facing down drug gangs, bandits and federalis - to find an honest day's work in a hostile foreign land, if necessary, to support their family. My kind would risk their lives and liberty to give another person's child a shot at the dream you still export at the tip of a gun, but deny to so many within your own nation. My kind would rise up in resistance to the racist attacks being legislated here against universal and constitutional rights - we are budding revolutionaries - we aspire for universal liberation, while your kind works feverishly to put us all in chains.

I don't know what your real value base is, but it sure can't be all that Christian:
your kind would have turned Joseph and Mary over to ICE if they failed to produce evidence of their citizenship when Jesus was born. Your kind criminalized and crucified him, in fact, as you do to so many ordinary decent people today.

So, good for these students for being unafraid to stand up for what they believe in, even though the deck is stacked against them in this state -
Men like him should be more than just shouted down when they perpetrate the kind of harm on the public that he's delivered thus far already. He should be recalled with the rest of the Me Party Mob. Instead, these youth are about to get hit - no doubt Horne's people are going to great lengths to identify all those they can on this tape and go after them. I think more protest activities are about to get criminalized up at the Capitol, too, so watch eachother's backs out there. We'll be watching, too.

I'm kind of losing faith in the electoral system, given my experience here in this state. It seems as if a lot of people get shut out of having a voice - we don't get seen or heard unless we resort to raising it in collective public protest, like Arizona necessitates with their one-party rule. It's a shame that
so many people consider this nation an exercise in "democracy" at it's finest. Our finest hour won't be until we undo the damage that men like Tom Horne have done. The problem we face now is that the electoral game is rigged: the 2010 elections were just more democracy inaction. That's why the US Constitution reserves for the people the right of revolution - not just to vote the bums out.

Be careful out there, my people. This man is already after you.

only 55% of voters in Arizona turned out for the November 2010 General election.

FAIR's immigration "facts" (this is why they're going after "anchor babies")


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Press Release
For immediate Release
Contact: Amy Rezzonico
(602) 542-8019 - office | Facebook | Twitter

PHOENIX (Thursday March 17, 2011) -- Attorney General Tom Horne today released a video of a screaming mob of Raza Studies supporters who interfered with the Attorney General’s efforts to accommodate a request to be interviewed by a television news crew.

In the video below, viewers can see a thuggish mob of Raza Studies supporters trying to shout down Horne, to attempt to prevent an interview with Univision Television.

Horne was in the process of leaving the Capitol after a meeting, when a reporter from Univision Televsion asked him to return to where his cameraman was, so he could do an interview in Spanish, as frequently does for Spanish-language media. A thuggish mob of Raza Studies reporters surrounded them and tried to prevent the interview, screaming at the top of their lungs. When the interview was over, Horne walked to his car, still surrounded by the mob, screaming vulgar epithets.

Horne said, “The Raza Studies program teaches irrational mob behavior as a matter of habit. For example, they did a street play called 'the killing of Tom Horne' which was filmed by channels 4 and 9 in Tucson, and broadcast.”

For a YouTube video (not produced by this office) of Attorney General’s Horne encounter this week go to:

Just for fun, here's another video of Horne being confronted at the Capitol - this time by Carlos Galindo. Carlos calls him on being a bigot, and he responds by asserting that Carlos's objections to the Ethnic Studies Ban are precisely the reason why the law is necessary: inferring that Carlos is deluded into think white people are out get brown people in this state, and all would be well if he only realized how truly benevolent we all are.

So, perhaps I've been wrong after all: the sooner Ethnic Studies classes cease and desist from encouraging insurrectionists like Carlos and school walkouts by kids, the sooner the future balance of power will be assured to remain in the hands of Anglo-Arizonans...

thank God this man is at the helm of our criminal justice system here.

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