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Sunday, January 23, 2011

PHX Police shoot another suicidal man.

Thanks guys; this is really reassuring.
I know this can't be the whole story, but it's kind of predictable now. Only one attempt to stop him with a taser, then they shoot him MULTIPLE times and don't know if he'll survive? How about just taking out his knees and kicking the knife away from him?

An ordinary citizen took Loughner's magazine clip - an unarmed woman who had been shot, in fact. Where's the courage and nobility of the boys in blue; the willingness to put your lives on the line to save another human being (including those of us who are trying to do ourselves in)?

You outnumbered and out-gunned him, for sure. I bet you had more body armor than him, too.

As the friend who sent me this link remarked, here's one reason why the police aren't the best responders to suicidal people. If he lives, he'll no doubt go to prison for having been assaulted in his own home while trying to kill himself.

As for the headline about "the knife-wielding man..." - c'mon, Republic. He was a suicidal man planning to end his own life with a knife, not running around town threatening the city. They came to his home; he didn't go to theirs. He was probably trying to keep them from saving his life, not kill them.

I hope my friends know better than to call the PPD next time I'm ready to give up on this world...


Police: Officers shot, wounded knife-wielding man

by Kristena Hansen - Jan. 22, 2011 10:51 PM
The Arizona Republic

Police shot a Phoenix man multiple times at his home Saturday evening near Bell Road and 42nd Avenue after he allegedly threatened officers with a knife.

No officers were injured in the shooting but the man was undergoing surgery and it was unknown whether he was expected to survive until the procedure was complete, said Phoenix Police Sergeant Steve Martos.

Authorities responded to the Desert Meadows Apartment complex in the 16800 block of 42nd Avenue around 6:45 p.m. after receiving a call from a woman who said her roommate was threatening to commit suicide with a knife, Martos said.

Officers found the man in an upstairs bedroom of the apartment and tried to dissuade him from harming himself with the weapon. Martos said one officer deployed a Taser on the suspect when he threatened authorities.

After giving several commands to drop the knife, officers shot the suspect multiple times. The man's roommate was not inside at the time.

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