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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mississippi calling: Send Mercy and Justice, ASAP.

In Solidarity with our Imprisoned Sisters Around the World.
Celebrating Women's History and Resistance!
March 2010.

I've been out awhile, folks. Sorry. I tend to grow discouraged when ill, and couldn't pick my head up for a few days. Am back, now, I think. Braved my in-box this AM, and came across this update on Jamie. Stopped feeling sorry for myself. Reached down deep looking for some humility. Then I actually prayed to be an instrument, like my grandfather taught us to when we were small, and called Governor Barbour's office, asking to speak to the Light in him. I've been wrestling with how to do that ever since Mrs. Rasco's plea that we appeal to him reached me.

I know this may surprise some people to hear me say because I don't talk a lot about my faith as such, but I think what finally got my attention is the fact that he's a Christian. Not that he'd be the governor of Mississippi if he wasn't - it's fair to say that's a political necessity - but it does provide the potential for miracles and mercy, if for no reason other than because most Christians really believe in such things, and I think those are the people who elected the man. I, myself, have been pretty thoroughly indoctrinated to believe in such things too, whatever name we give now to the source of life and wonder in the universe, I think we would recognize it if we saw it through each other’s languages and lives.

The essence of that Universal Spirit, I believe, is Love. That’s what keeps me going, anyway.

I know that Christianity's been used to justify many horrible things, but from all I've read of the teachings of Christ, he had a special affinity for prisoners, and his testament of truth and consequence is the most current. I think it's better to presume that the Light is in us all, and treat each other that way, than to automatically assume that every while male governor of Mississippi is a racist misogynist invested only in his own power. We have to believe there's more to Governor Barbour, and more to Mississippi, than that.

Sometimes, people in power do the right thing not because someone makes them or they’ll profit from doing so, but because something honestly moves them at the center of their soul. I’m not saying they’ll surrender the territory they claim as their own, but I believe the force that turns the tide of history on rare occasions comes from the spiritual energy of people longing to be free who fight not for themselves alone, but for all of human liberation. There’s something fundamentally compelling to the average American about that. We want to be on that side, even if it’s losing.

We war so bitterly on this planet because the only alternative we give each other to domination is subjugation or subservience - losing power - which means we can’t protect the people we love. We neglect the possibilities of sharing power, dispersing it, and disabling its current mechanisms so that all families can be safe, not just the privileged few. We have to find more ways to let each other win without making someone lose.

See the links above for more ideas, and sign up for email updates from the folks at
Free The Scott Sisters, then check your box regularly; Jamie's been in crisis a lot, and they're counting on us doing more than just reading about it and weeping for a day. We need to act anew each morning, amplifying the voices of the women that we hear - those wall tappings and urgent calls from prison, begging someone to get a fellow prisoner some help. Once you realize what's happening to them, you really can't tune them out.

Nor should you. Your humanity has been summoned. Don't think it's up to someone else to answer.


Jamie Scott needs to be taken to hospital at once

News from the Scott family, where Jamie Scott remains critically ill and not cared for well at all. Please help the Scott Sisters.


Mrs. Rasco received word this evening that Jamie Scott's temporary catheter has been moved to her chest and is plugged up with green fluid and pus. Her hands, legs and feet are swollen and she is in tremendous pain. She is very, very weak. This is at least her fourth catheter infection and this one is extremely bad. Jamie is doing very poorly. The prison is aware of Jamie's current condition yet Jamie remains in the prison infirmary.

Mrs. Rasco is asking that everyone please call into the governor and Commissioner Epps to release her from the horrible conditions she is in and the poor medical care that she is receiving. Mrs. Rasco believes that Jamie is going to die in the prison if something doesn't happen soon and is calling out for all of the support that she can get.

P.O. Box 139
Jackson, Mississippi 39205
1-877-405-0733 or 601-359-3150
Fax: 601-359-3741

(If you reach VM leave msgs, faxes, and please send letters)

Christopher Epps, Commissioner of Prisons for the State of Mississippi

723 North President Street
Jackson, MS 39202


We also need to continue pushing for national media attention on the case, some focus has been achieved & we need to strike while the iron is hot! Jamie's condition is very serious and we need for as many people as possible to get involved with raising the demand for her release as soon as possible.


Jane Velez-Mitchell should do an entire segment on the Scott Sisters now that she is aware of the case, please contact her and urge her to follow-up her brief mention of the Scott Sisters on her 3/6 "Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell" with a more significant segment that will focus on Jamie's serious medical condition and the Scott Sisters case period. The contact form is at

Today's Newsweek blog ran a piece called: "Left Wing: Pardon Me, Governor Barbour" at /left-wing-pardon-me-governor-barbour.aspx Many of these blogs where the Scott Sisters are getting attention have comment sections that supporters can use to put out updated information on Jamie's downward spiraling condition, there's only so much her body is going to be able to take and this needs to be emphasized!


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  1. You are in my prayers, P.A. friend!
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