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Thursday, February 18, 2010

NO: Pearce and Constitutional Carry in COW

More of Russ Pearce sneaking his legislation in under the radar, then getting people to use this special software of his at "Life, Liberty, Freedom"(isn't that a bit redundant?) to hammer their legislators into thinking that thousands of folks really want them to do what this guy says, when it's really just a noisy handful, bullying and BSing their way through our halls of government. This showed up in my email at about 1:40am, from 

This is what I mean about him being so anti-democratic. He's not trying to fight fair here. He's not out for The People to win; he's out to win for his people, that's it. And soon they'll all be carrying concealed weapons wherever they want without even having a permit. 

Are we nuts or something? God I hope no one really votes for this.

If they do, I'll swear that Pearce just has dirt on everyone - like Hoover did. I just don't believe that many Republicans are so blind or corrupted...but the past thirty years have really corroded their collective soul. Even my grandmother got out once Bush began demolishing the world and our economy - she became a democrat at the age of 92...

This means folks need to call their legislators first thing to head them off, because Pearce's folks will be up at dawn with their orange juice dialing their Republican legislators the moment the phones come on. (like anyone will even see this before the COW meets...)


Hi ,

My Bill, SB 1102, is the Senate version of Constitutional Carry that eliminates the prohibition and penalties for law-abiding adults who carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

A short while ago, the Senate placed SB 1102 on their Committee of the Whole (COW) agenda on Thursday, February 18, 2010.  It is critical that you immediately contact the Senate members and urge them to support SB 1102 during the COW debate. Life Liberty Freedom members, you know what to do.

Also in the Senate COW on Thursday is SB 1153, which establishes that state law preempts local rules and ordinances concerning the regulation of knives and knife making components.  I need your help in letting the Senate know that you support both of these bills.

I know many of you have become members of Life Liberty Freedom, and the guys at Life Liberty Freedom have told me that many of you are using the FREE tool they provide to contact the legislators at the capitol.

For those of you who have not registered to be a member at Life Liberty Freedom, I urge you to do so now at
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