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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mississippi Kidney Foundation: Jamie Needs Help.

I'm not sure where the Mississippi Kidney Foundation is on all of this, but I bet they would be in there advocating for decent care for Jamie if they knew what was going on. I suspect canceling dialysis because the machine at the prison is broken is less than the constitutionally mandated standard of care afforded to even Mississippi's prisoners. 

So, I'm sending copies of this post to them, with cc's to the media. Here's their address if anyone else is inspired to do the same. Maybe instead of just hammering the Department of Corrections, we could get them and the Mississippi Kidney Foundation to work together to improve this situation.

Mississippi Kidney Foundation
3000 Old Canton, Suite 110
Jackson, MS 39216

PO Box 55802
Jackson, MS 39296

Phone: 601-981-3611
Toll Free: 1-800-232-1592
Fax: 601-981-3612

this from the Scott Sisters campaign yesterday: 


Greetings all,

Jamie Scott got word out about 3:00 EST that she was told that her dialysis for today was cancelled because the machine at the prison was broken! As if that isn't bad enough, she reports that her temporary catheter is full of blood and pus and appears to be infected. Of course she and her family are terrified of any complications happening to her as she is still suffering with extreme weakness and other ill effects from her serious medical condition.

Atty. Chokwe Lumumba visited Gladys and Jamie yesterday to collect data on Jamie's physical treatment at the prison. He is presently exploring options on how to legally proceed with getting Jamie the medical care that she desperately needs.

Jamie also recently wrote a letter to her supporters, excerpts of which follow:

"First let me thank you for the prayers, strength and consideration you have displayed for me and my sister. This ordeal with my kidneys has truly broke me down. I am tired, but I know I cannot give up, because of my family and many supporters.

It was first determined that I had protein in my urine in 1997. Throughout the years it went uncured and untreated and I wasn't hurting so I thought nothing of it. They would take tests and never receive results. I had a kidney biopsy done around 1997, but once again never received any results. My uterus fell and was removed in 2005. Once again, I never received results of tests on my kidneys.

Now what we must not do is lose our temper and make things worse. Please, you cannot call up here and use abusive language. That will not solve anything. About my dialysis treatments, I go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The set up is inside a trailer.

It is hard and I want my life. The only thing as a whole we can do is try to get the Governor to do something right and release me and Gladys.

I want to thank each one of you for everything you have done.

-- Jamie."

Mrs. Rasco did a wonderful Interview with Bro. JR of Block Report Radio/POCC on 1/22 when Jamie was first taken to the hospital, his interview is about 3/4 of the way thru the program at . This was before we knew that Jamie had already been returned back to the prison that same day.

Mrs. Rasco is scheduled to be a guest on the Empowerment Hour Radio Show tomorrow 2/6 at 6pm EST, which is accessible at and anyone can call (646) 716-7472 to join in the conversation or just listen.

In light of this most recent emergency, we need to start ASAP on trying to get someone to assess and treat Jamie Scott. We need to contact the prison, governor's office and as much mainstream media as we can! We have to put pressure on Mississippi to get Jamie the medical attention she needs and to get she and Gladys released from their unjust imprisonment! Thank you very much!



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