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Rather, these are just my observations in arguably the most racist, fascist, militaristic state in the nation at a critical time in history for a number of intersecting liberation movements. From Indigenous resistance to genocidal practices, to the fight over laws like SB1070 and the ban on Ethnic Studies, Arizona is at the center of many battles for human rights, and thus the struggle for prison abolition as well - for none are free until all are. I retired the blog in APRIL 2013.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Warden FCI Cumberland Re: Medical for Manning.

Here's the email I sent early this AM to both of the bureau of prison email sites Jericho gave us,  as well as a number of other prison watchers and abolitionists. And McCain, for good measure - he's supposed to be representing me.

So start putting these posts on Manning up on the blogs folks - like you did for Oso Blanco. In Europe, too. And hit these people with emails until we hear from Jericho that he's been moved, or that we're cranking it up another notch. 


Dear Warden, FCI Cumberland -

This is in re: a prisoner recently transferred to your facility from USP Hazelton - I'm sure you know who Mr. Manning (10373-016) is. I am writing as a concerned citizen and angry taxpayer - part of the greater "public" which I think you have chosen to serve. I am also one of a growing number of Prison Watchers - and as we spread across the country we support each other's struggles: we will be supporting Tom's efforts to get good medical care. He needs an evaluation for suspicious masses to rule out cancer. This needs to be done immediately.

How you treat him will be witnessed by our brothers and sisters around the world, actually. And it will affect increasing numbers of legislative districts as our new blogs go up, to bring more pressure on congress to start changing the way people are criminalized, incarcerated, and brutalized once they get there. We prison watch in part because we've had enough of all the state violence.

There's no excuse to make people suffer while they're in prison - being separated from their families and communities and losing their liberty is the punishment the people gave them - not torture or neglect. We expect this man to be well taken care of for the money we pay to imprison him. We also expect to have him free someday, so we'd like you to take good care of him in the meantime.

Please let us know when Mr. Manning is being transferred to the Buntner, NC Federal Medical Center and scheduled to have these suspicious masses evaluated.

Copies of this email are going to my allies as well as my state senator, John McCain. He probably doesn't care much for Manning (nor will he care much for me, I imagine), but he knows what it's like to be a prisoner and as a matter of principle should be rather concerned about assuring that all our federal prisoners receive appropriate attention to medical concerns.

Thank you for your time.


Margaret J. Plews
Arizona Prison Watch


  1. My brother was living with his then girlfriend in California and her house ended up getting raided. They went straight to where she had a scale, baggies and 3 norco pills. My brother was the only one in the home at this time, so they arrested him and charged him with possession and intent to sell. They gave him 10 yrs. While incarcerated, he found out he has cirrhosis of the liver and hep c. The Govenor of California told my sister to file a compassionate release with the Warden and that should get him out. Unfortunately, it did no good. At the time, he was getting minimal care for his illness, doctors would see him once a month. he is in his 2nd yr. of incarceration now,about 3 months ago he had a friend in there helping him to get out. That friend read his files and realized how ill my brother really is, he filed a 602 on Medical for negligence. Since this has started he has not been seen by a doctor. Is there any advice you can give me to help me get my brother out?

  2. Contact me at 480-580-6807 or - Peggy