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Friday, January 22, 2010

Illinois DOC: Stop Harassing Prisoners

Here are a few links about the issues raised in the lawsuit over the Illinois Department of Corrections serving so much soy in its food to accompany the post about the harassment of Larry Harris. It's pretty impossible to find anything about him or the other guy named in the email on the internet yet - they've just been buried in prison for years, both of them. One's a sex offender, the other was convicted of armed robbery. Guess the prison figured no one would care what happens to them anyway. 

What they must not get is that this lawsuit isn't about those guys or just that state. It's about the civil rights of prisoners, and the retaliation these guys are experiencing is standard across the country, wherever prisoners stand for their rights. Whatever we think of their crimes, they're trying to change conditions that all prisoners may be suffering under - and for that, a lot of prisoners' families across the country should help us keep an eye on the guys involved in this lawsuit.

The next logical place for Illinois to implement their soy-toxic diet is in the free lunch programs for kids. They've already started, as I understand. If they can squash this lawsuit - or win it - the state will be feeding the poor nothing but soy for the next few generations, burying any evidence that it ever caused anyone a problem. They start out with stuff like this in prisons because its harder for prisoners than anyone to fight it. So, let's pay a little closer attention to this, now. 

The folks in Illinois really don't want to escalate things by hassling these guys. They aren't invisible anymore. Isn't that like tampering with witnesses - threatening and harassing the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against you?  That's not only unethical, I think it's a crime...


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