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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

We, The People, Would Indict Arpaio!!!


December 10: International Human Rights Day
December 15: Fifth Special Legislative Session Begins
December 17: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (Tucson Memorial Service).
December 18: SWOP-Tucson Demonstration at the Arizona Department of Corrections, Phoenix.

Don't believe this article for a minute. This has to begin the end of both Sheriff Joe and Andrew Thomas' credibility - and any judge who plays along with the game any more. Some of the judges in this state are really twisted or corrupt, though, I'm not sure which. Maybe both. As are the other politicians - I don't know if these two are innocent or not. I do think they were politically targeted, though. Both Arpaio and Thomas should have recused their offices from an investigation and turned it over to the state or the feds from the get go - talk about a conflict of interest.

Why would we want anyone to be Attorney General who goes after all his political enemies this way? We should throw all the bums out and start fresh next fall.

By the way,  I hope everyone remembers that in Arizona it's not really the crime you commit, it's the power you threaten that determines whether or not you get charged and convicted for something. Wilcox might as well pack up for prison now, unless we vote these guys out of office (the FBI needs to get ahold of Joe before 2012 - we can't wait that long). 

I don't care much for Stapley's politics, and I think some of us on the Left have given Wilcox a hard time for being too soft, but she's the only Maricopa County Supervisor who has consistently refused to be silenced and intimidated by these men. The women in this state - whatever their political party - should be looking close at Wilcox's case and making sure that real justice is done, because the sexism here is as thick and veiled as the racism. Just look at what's unfolding in the governor's race. Those men will have Wilcox in prison even if they have exculpatory evidence in hand (they'll bury it - Andrew Thomas already has with other innocent women. Ask him about Courtney Bisbee, the young woman still waiting in prison for him to re-evaluate her innocence claim - there's new evidence...months old now...maybe even longer. Who wants men in power who can't admit their mistakes? Especially if their mistake is made at your kid's expense?) 

Wilcox's vocal opposition to some of Arpaio's conduct is the best proof of her innocence I can think of.  That's why hundreds of people sang him off the stage at the First Amendment event - he's a racist, sexist, homophobic pig who investigates and arrests anyone out here who calls him on it. Thomas is doing some kind of tag team thing with him - I don't really understand why. His politics are as bad as a prosecutor's can get - he's down with anything that will give hi m a win - but I thought he was at least smarter than to still be hanging around that guy. Arpaio's going to lose big for him.

Maybe they have dirt on eachother, too?

The people who have been complicit with the sheriff are really the ones who should be suspect, because they're more likely to be silenced by something that Arpaio or Thomas would be in a position to use against them,, I don't believe this garbage below at all. Were all potential criminals in this state, you know. Just say no to Arpaio or Andrew Thomas - or flip off Russ Pearce. See what happens. Everyone else out there who sees this for what it is should drop Mary Rose Wilcox an email or something and let her know we've got her back. I'm sure she could use the encouragement right now.

Speaking of, contact me if anyone out there wants to start a CourtWatch soon: juvenile and adult court judges, county prosecutors, and any public defenders who are up for re-election in 2010 need to be evaluated - and we should be ready to go with criteria and process, volunteers, and a website by the New Year. Maybe an ASU Justice Studies or Journalism class would want to take it on...

What Arizonans - and people around the world, I suppose - really want to know is when the FBI will indict Arpaio (that's a shout out to you, DOJ - we know you're listening. Go do your job. Our people are suffering. We'll bring the march to Washington if necessary...). We've got the MCSO on YouTube violating civil rights all over the place, and the sheriff is yucking it up with the white supremacists. His jail doesn't even have an accredited medical service, people are dropping in there like flies, and there are thousands of civil suits pending with his name on them. There's a whole bunch of us in this state - including the true heirs of much of this land - who want him paraded down the street in his own pink boxers and shackles (before he gets his hands on me, too - please. I don't think I'll get away with this much longer...).



2 county supervisors indicted on corruption allegations
Reported by: Josh Bernstein
Produced by: Dan Siegel
Last Update: 12/08 8:50 pm

PHOENIX - Two Maricopa County supervisors have been indicted by a grand jury in separate corruption-related cases.

According to court documents, Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox has been indicted on 36 felony counts including conflict of interest, perjury, forgery, and false swearing.

Supervisor Donald Stapley has been indicted on 27 counts including fraudulent schemes and artifices, perjury, forgery, false swearing, and theft.

The Wilcox indictment comes just hours after an ABC15 Investigation raised questions about several loans she received from the lending arm of Chicanos Por La Causa, a non-profit corporation which has contracts with the county.

Documents show Wilcox did not list the loans on her financial disclosure forms, and county records show Wilcox did not recuse herself from any votes involving the non-profit group.

On Monday, ABC15 reported Wilcox was under criminal investigation for questionable loans received from Prestamos, the wholly-owned banking subsidiary of Chicanos Por La Causa.

According to the County Attorney's Office, Wilcox and her husband received five loans totaling $417,500 from Prestamos.

As a member of the Board of Supervisors, Wilcox voted 17 times to award county contracts totaling $1,081,291 to Chicanos Por La Causa for a variety of social service, health, and behavioral health programs...

 (Anyone know anything about those contracts Arpaio's wife has had with the county...? Well, don't read any more of this BS. Read the Phoenix New Times for their on-going coverage of area politics, instead. They'll make sure that ALL the real criminals are covered. )

"These are very serious cases that go to corruption at the highest levels of our county government,"  Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas said at a Tuesday news conference. (I'll agree with that, but I think he's digging in the wrong offices)

ABC15 is efforting comments from both Supervisor Wilcox and Supervisor Stapley. Stay with for updates (as I said, go to the New Times.)

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