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Saturday, December 5, 2009

AEA Legislative Update December 4

From the AEA's Doug Kilgore, with their legislative update. This one says the Special session is being convened on Dec 14th (I'll get the date right and set it straight):


November 30 - December 4, 2009

This Week's Issue:  
  • Another Special Session?
  • Signatures to Repeal Attacks on Teachers Pouring In
  • News Links
Another Special Session?

Just over a week ago, the legislature completed their 4th special session where $144 million were cut from the current year's school funding on a partisan vote. This same cut was described by Governor Brewer as "devastating" when she vetoed it to end the 3rd special session on September 4. During the 1st  and 2nd special sessions, over $150 million dollars were cut from public schools. None of these special sessions were able to generate support for the new revenue stream needed to protect public schools and other vital state services from deeper cuts.

So after four special sessions, public education school funding has been cut by levels described by the Governor as devastating, yet the current state budget is still over $1.5 billion in debt this year and will fall at least $3.5 billion short next year.

Now there are plans to convene the 5th special session on December 14th Read more  . . .

Signatures to Repeal Attacks on Teachers Pouring In

Thousands of school employees are organizing to convince the legislature to repeal a set of punitive laws that attack the teaching profession. These laws were slipped into the budget passed during the 3rd special session of the legislature and signed by the Governor on September 4, 2009.

These laws were designed to silence the voice of teachers who have worked hand-in-hand with parents and other public education supporters for a comprehensive and balanced approach to resolving our state's budget crisis. But it is having the opposite impact. Teachers and school employees are circulating petitions in communities throughout Arizona. As they do, they are beginning to develop reports on the impact of budget cuts and proposed budget cuts on their own schools to share with parents and the community.

Learn more, read what others are saying about the issue , and get involved.

News Links

Amid budget shortfall, some teachers pay for items out of their own pockets
Some Valley educators teach in high-tech classrooms, some in low-tech versions, but they now all have to deal with the same issue: shrinking classroom supplies.

The three largest school districts in Graham County stand to lose more than $750,000 in state funding that pays for buses and textbooks. 

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