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Saturday, November 14, 2009

MOVE 9 Parole Update: Ramona Africa

These folks are not guilty of the murder they were charged with - they are political prisoners. After extensive conflict with the city over zoning regulations, etc. the city tried to evict them. Ultimately, their home was attacked by a swarm of Philly cops - some 10,000 rounds of ammunition was sent into the house, while they were all in the basement, taking cover. In the process, a police officer was shot and killed by a single bullet - which evidence says did not come from the house - it was friendly fire. 

Nevertheless, after unleashing all the violence they could on MOVE (an infant was even stepped on and killed by a cop the day of the seige - was he held responsible? Of course not.), the city immediately demolished the house (despite it being a scene of a crime - a cop-killing, even) and prosecuted all nine adult family members for the officer's death . Anyway, every year or so they go through this - parole wants them to admit their guilt for something they didn't start or engage in, and in the past they've wanted them to denounce their beliefs and the MOVE organization.

Anyway, don't take it from me - do your own research if you have questions. There's an excellent documentary about the MOVE family and the Philly PD narrated by Howard Zinn. It's free to down load at the internet archives. I also have a copy, if anyone wants to borrow it.


November 13, 2009

ONA MOVE, everybody!  I want to update you on the parole status of The MOVE 9.  At this point everybody but Chuck Africa has seen the parole board.  Chuck should see the board sometime this month or early next month.

Everybody has been denied parole except Phil Africa who hasn’t received his formal response as of yet.  Everybody so far has gotten a 1 year setback except Eddie who got a 2 year setback for some unexplainable reason.  Everybody that has been interviewed by the parole board was denied with the same excuse that they won’t say they’re guilty (because they’re not) and we expect nothing different with Phil and Chuck. 

As we explained before, what they’re doing is clearly illegal and cannot be explained.  This, alone, should tell people that the government has no valid reason to deny MOVE people parole or they would cite that reason instead of some illegal unreasonable nonsense about them not saying they’re guilty.  These parole boards across the country cannot be allowed to continue to trample on peoples lives and freedom like this.  It has to stop and we can make it stop thru pressure, thru the power of the people, if we take a serious unrelenting stand. 

MOVE is in the process of contacting as many media contacts as possible (local, national and international) to urge them to request interviews with the chairwoman of the Pennsylvania board and question her about the board denying people parole because they won’t say they’re guilty.  Having the media from all over calling her and questioning this procedure will put pressure on the parole board.  If you know of any media people with a backbone that would be interested in getting involved in this activity, let us know so we can follow up on it.  In the meantime, keep the letters and phone calls going the parole board.  Thanks for all of your support, and remember, this issue affects inmates all over the USA, not just MOVE.



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