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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Arizona Goddam: 2010 Candidate Update

Anyone out there who knows Nina Simone's "Mississippi Goddam" and has some talent, I want to try to come up with a contemporary verse appropriate to the current political climate - the intersection of the Old South and the New West. Something loaded with imagery, but easy for people to learn...

Think about it.

This is the most comprehensive (and entertaining) update on who's running for what in Arizona government races in 2010, from the Tucson Gay Pride website:

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Now that local elections are all but over for the counting in Tucson (and a possible recount in Ward 3), it's time once again to update the early filers with the Arizona Secretary of State for 2010. You can play along at home at

The big news today: Terry Goddard, the state's highest-elected Democrat, filed paperwork Friday morning announcing that he is exploring a run for governor next year.
Political Insider Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and former Arizona Democratic Party Chairman and 2006 U.S. Senate candidate Jim Pederson previously announced that they would not run.

Former Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano has also decided not to run Rum, Romanism and Rebellion.

Rep. David Bradley (D-LD28) will work for the Goddard campaign, clearing the path for Terry Goddard.

The big news last night: The Accidental Governor, Jan Brewer, announced that she is running for governor. Brewer officially begins her run for governor. This sets up a GOP primary with "Lyin' John" Munger (the reverse Robin Hood candidate who wants to enrich the wealthy at the expense of the poor), Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker who is expected to enter the race, and possibly State Treasurer Dean Martin who is "seriously considering" running for governor. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is also making noises about running for governor. There is a host of lesser known Republicans who have filed to run for governor (see below), setting up a potential cluster f#?k GOP primary.

Will Jan Brewer be Kozzafava'd by Grover Norquist and the Club for Growth? Dick Armey's FreedomWorks and the Teabagger Taliban? FAUX News and hate radio "entertainment" personalities? Will Arizonans be subjected to the circus-like spectacle of Michael Steele and Newt Gingrich on one side and Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann (R-MN) on the other in the GOP primary? And what will Arizona Republican Party Chairman Randy Pullen do to inject himself into the GOP primary and muck it up?

It appears as though there is a conservative purge going on in LD's 7 and 8. Are these end-times Christian Dominionists or Teabagger Taliban? Someone more familiar with these candidates please fill me in. We are going to have to start differentiating between the "Republican" candidates as the party label no longer carries any meaning. There are too many conservative fringe groups covertly running under the Republican Party label.

I am told that Rep. Christopher Deschene (D- LD 2) is exploring running for Secretary of State. I have not confirmed this with Chris, so Chris, if this information is incorrect, please let me know.

[Update: Tedski also posts that Christopher Deschene is exploring running for Secretary of State. Another Candidate Jumps In…I Mean…”Explores” ]

There has been an extraordinary number of early candidate filings this year for 2010. I do not recall ever seeing this many early filers. Many of the ranked contenders, however, may not file until as late as January of 2010 because of Arizona's "resign to run" law. So the early filers are not necessarily indicative of who's in and who's out for 2010. Some of the early filers have not even designated what office they are seeking.
A word of caution, the list below does not distinguish between an "exploratory committee" and a "candidate committee." "NP" indicates no party affilliation designated on the face of the filing.
So who is out there exploring if not actually running for office in 2010?

Janelle Wood - NP
Roy Miller - NP
Kent Warren Couchee - NP
John Paul Mitchell - Independent
Alvin Ray Yount - Independent
Bruce Olsen - Libertarian
Hugh Kealer - Republican
Karen Johnson - Republican
Johnnie E. Robinson III - Republican
Robert Shaw Graham - Republican
Matthew Jette - Republican
Vernon B. Parker - Republican
John Munger - Republican
Steven H. Slaton - Republican
Jan Brewer - Republican
Benjamin Jankowski, Jr. - Democrat
Terry Goddard - Democrat

Secretary of State
Sam Wercinski - Democrat (office sought is not designated in his filing)
Steve Gallardo - Democrat (his filing designates District 13 Senate)*
Christopher Deschene - Democrat (office sought is not designated in his filing)

Attorney General
David Lujan - Democrat
Felecia Ann Rotellini - Democrat
Tom Horne - Republican
Sam Crump - Republican
Andrew Thomas - Republican

Andrei Cherney - Democrat
Thayer Verschoor - Republican (office sought is not designated in his filing)

Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jason Williams - Democrat
Penny Kotterman - Democrat
John Huppenthal - Republican
Margaret Dugan - Republican
Mary Lou Taylor - Republican
Gary Nine - Republican
Beth Price - Republican

Corporation Commission
Brenda Burns - Republican
Barry Wong - Republican
Jorge Luis Garcia - Democrat

State Mine Inspector

Joe Hart - Republican

Arizona Legislature
LD  1 Andrew Tobin - Republican - House
LD  3 Beth L. Weisser - Democrat -Senate
LD  3 Doris Goodale - Republican - House
LD  4 Scott Bundgaard - Republican - Senate
LD  4 Tom Boone - Republican - Senate
LD  4 Shawn Kohner - Republican Senate
LD  4 Sue Dolphin - Democrat - Senate
LD  4 Karina Guerrero - Democrat - House
LD  4 Judy Burges - Republican - House
LD  5 Sylvia Allen - Republican - Senate
LD  5 Brenda Barton - Republican - House
LD  5 Becky Nutt - Republican - House
LD  5 Bruce Olson - Republican - House
LD  5 Bill Shumway - Democrat - House
LD  6 Pamela Gorman - Republican - Senate
LD  6 Patricia Flickner - Democrat - Senate
LD  6 Steven Henry Kaiser - Republican - House
LD  6 Nicholas Burr - Republican - House
LD  6 Leonard Clark - Independent - House
LD  7 Ray Barnes - Republican - Senate
LD  7 Nancy Barto - Republican - Senate
LD  7 Brad Buch - Republican - Senate
LD  7 Michael Coskun - Republican - House
LD  7 Lawrence Coutts - Republican - House
LD  7 James Waring - Republican - House
LD  7 David Burnell Smith - Republican - House
LD  7 Kristen Burroughs - Republican - House
LD  8 Ted King - NP - Senate
LD  8 Walter John Williamson - NP - House
LD  8 John A. Kriekard - Democrat - House
LD  8 Eric Ulis - Republican - House
LD  8 Dennis Robbins - Republican - House
LD  8 James Rich - Republican - House
LD  8 David Paddison - Republican - House
LD  8 Michael Blaire - Republican - House
LD  8 Paul LoBianco - Republican - House
LD  9 James Andrew Clark - Republican - Senate
LD  9 Diane Douglas - Republican - House
LD  9 Debbie Lesko - Republican - House
LD  9 Richard "Rick" Gray - Republican - House
LD  9 Nathaniel Martin - Republican - House
LD10 Justin Johnson - Democrat - Senate
LD10 Jackie Thrasher - Democrat - House
LD10 David Caparaso - Republican - House
LD10 James Weiers - Republican - House
LD10 Bill Adams - Republican - House
LD11 Rich Davis - Republican - Senate
LD11 Eric Meyer - Democrat - House
LD11 Jon C. Altmann - Republican - House
LD11 Beverly Kraft - Republican - House
LD11 Dusti LeeAnn Morris - Republican - House
LD12 Angela Cotera - Democrat - House
LD12 Steve Montenegro - Republican - House
LD13 Steve Gallardo - Democrat - Senate*
LD13 Ana Tovar - Democrat - House
LD13 John Martin Quezada - Democrat - House
LD14 Robert Meza - Democrat - Senate
LD14 Chad Campbell - Democrat - House
LD15 Krysten Sinema - Democrat - Senate
LD15 Bob Thomas - Republican - Senate
LD15 Katie Hobbs - Democrat - House
LD15 Lela Alston - Democrat - House
LD15 Luis Alberto Garcia - Democrat - House
LD15 Ken Clark - Democrat - House
LD15 Bernice Condit - Republican - house
LD16 Victor Jett Contreras - Democrat - Senate
LD16 Dr. Cristy Lopez - Democrat - House
LD16 Jimmie Munoz, Jr. - Democrat - House
LD16 Robert Michael Gular - Republican - House
LD17 Wendy Rogers - Republican - Senate
LD17 Augustus H Shaw IV - NP - House
LD18 Robert Hernandez McDonald, Jr. - Democrat - Senate
LD18 Cecil Ash - Republican - House
LD20 Christopher Tolino - Republican - House
LD20 Bob Robson - Republican - House
LD21 Steve Yarbrough - Republican - Senate
LD21 Jeff Vance - Republican - House
LD22 Andy Biggs - Republican - Senate
LD22 Adam Armer - Republican - House
LD22 Steven Urie - Republican - House
LD22 Kelly Townsend - Republican - House
LD23 Rebecca Rios - Democrat - Senate
LD23 Barbara McGuire - Democrat - House
LD23 Frank Pratt - Republican - House
LD23 John Fillmore - Republican - House
LD25 Manuel Alvarez - Democrat - Senate
LD25 Patricia Fleming - Democrat - House
LD25 David Stevens - Republican - House
LD26 Cheryl Cage - Democrat - Senate
LD26 Al Melvin - Republican - Senate
LD26 Nancy Young Wright - Democrat - House
LD26 Terri Lynn Proud - Republican - House
LD26 Vic Williams - Republican - House
LD27 Olivia Cajero Bedford - Democrat - Senate
LD27 Bob Gilby - Democrat - House
LD27 Sami Hamed - Democrat - House
LD27 Dustin Curtis Cox - Democrat - House
LD27 Gene Chewning - Independent - House
LD28 Ted Prezelski - Democrat - House
LD28 Ted Downing - Democrat - House (his filing does not designate the office sought)
LD28 Mohur Mona Sidhwa - Democrat - House
LD28 Tim Sultan - Democrat - House
LD28 Steve Farley - Democrat - House
LD29 Matt Heinz - Democrat - House
LD29 Daniel Patterson - Democrat - House
LD30 Todd Camenisch - Democrat - Senate
LD30 Andrea Dalessandro - Democrat - House
LD30 David Gowan - Republican - House
LD30 Frank Antenori - Republican - House

A few incumbents have filed but do not designate the office sought:

Robert Burns (R) currently LD 9 Senate (and Senate President); Bill Konopnicki (R) currently LD 5 House (and rumored to be exploring running for Congress); Michele Reagan (R) currently LD 8 House; David Bradley, currently LD28 House (and termed out in 2010); and Adam Driggs (R) currently LD 11 House.
Ray Mahoubi, a Republican, did not designate the office sought, but is believed to be running for LD 8 Senate.

Finally, Lucy Mason, a Republican from Yavapai County, filed an exploratory committee but did not designate the office sought. Laurin Hendix, a Republican from Maricopa County, also filed an exploratory committee but did not specify the office sought. Robert Green, a Republican from Maricopa County, also filed an exploratory committee but did not specify the office sought.

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