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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anarchists v. Neo-Nazis: Saturday, AZ Capitol

Here you go - this is what I was talking about...just hit the Feathered Bastard every week at the Phoenix new Times.


Anarchists vs. Nazis at the Arizona Capitol? The "Phoenix Class War Council" Talks the Talk

from firesneverextinguished
Where's Brad Pitt when you need him?   
There's one group talking a big game about confronting the neo-Nazi scum at the state Capitol this Saturday: the anarchists, the traditional foes of goosesteppers going all the way back to the Spanish Civil War, and then some. They're often badmouthed in many activist circles here in town for being unruly and pigheaded, but I will give them points for at least demonstrating against Holocaust-denier David Irving when he spoke at a Phoenix diner back in July. The anarchists were the only ones there. And for ruining Irving's day at least, I'd label the demonstration a success.

They don't command large numbers, and I suspect that organizing them is a little like herding felines. But they are generally intelligent, and pro-immigrant to the point of being for open-borders. Plus they have no moral quandaries with confronting blackshirts in the streets.

Their class-based political theories are a bit nutty, though. In a recent post to the Phoenix Class War Council's blog, which describes itself as a "fanatical, revolutionary anarchist group," the writer invites the local libertarian community to join the anarchists on November 7 in protesting the Nazis. Um, sorry, but the Ron Paulites and teabaggers are a little too close to the swastika-lickers for comfort sometimes, "states rights" being the battle cry of neo-Confederates, and all that. Paul himself had no problem accepting a campaign contribution from Ron Black, proprietor of the white supremacist messageboard He even appeared in a photo op with Black and Black's son.

The rest of the post is pretty gratifying, however, even if it sounds like a schnauzer with a doberman complex.
"If Americans can be counted on for anything," reads the post, "it's for hating Nazis, and images of brownshirted fascists in full historical reenactment regalia (or, alternately, dressing like SWAT team wannabes) spouting their anti-immigrant nonsense will highlight the extreme nature of what passes for the mainstream discussion in Arizona, and to show that there is strong resistance to it. The NSM's traveling circus affords us the opportunity to twist their spectacle to our ends."... (hit the bastard's blog for more...)

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