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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pearce Alert Oct 21, Campaigns are up and running

We need to get on top of these campaign schedules and events, if anyone out there wants to give me a hand. These People Must Go!!!

From the Horses Mouth: (the red was my highlighting, and red italics are my editorials)

----- ----(keep in mind that this is all his own propaganda and drivel)

Oct. 20, 2009
Sen. Russell Pearce, R-18, 602-926-5760


Leaders call for special session to address illegal immigration crisis

WHAT:      State leaders will hold a press conference Wednesday to address Arizona’s illegal immigration crisis and deal with recent attempts by the federal government to erode Arizona’s progress in combating this problem. Sen. Russell Pearce will unveil legislation that would crack down on illegal immigration.

“We have seen sharp decreases in both crime and illegal immigration, which demonstrates that enforcement works. What we need to do now is safeguard that enforcement by making some much needed changes in state law,” Pearce said.

WHEN:       10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009

WHERE:    Arizona State Capitol, Senate lawn, 1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix, Ariz.

Pearce Calls for Special Session to Address Illegal Immigration Crisis
New bill would end  sanctuary cities, strengthen sanctions on illegals

(STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX) – State Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, Sheriff Joe, Maricopa County Attorney Thomas, 8 other County Sheriffs, our law enforcement our Hometown Heroes, Maricopa County Republican Chairman, and other leaders today, stand in support of the demand to End to ALL Sanctuary policies in the State of Arizona.  We pledge to work with the Governor to end these "Catch and Release Policies" the political handcuffs on our law enforcement removed. Enough is enough.  The Governor's Office has assured me they will work with us to end these illegal policies and support our law enforcement our Hometown Heroes.  The Governor recognizes Arizona’s illegal immigration crisis and recognizes the federal governments failure and NOW its attempt to put political handcuffs on our law enforcement and of course the feds including Janet Napolitano is targeting Sheriff Joe who is making a real difference and the feds are terrified that the rest of t he nation will recognize they don't have to take it anymore, they actually can do something about it today.  The federal government is trying to erode the progress made in Arizona in combating this problem as we have tough and effective laws and prevent this take back America movement from spreading to other states.

"If our leaders want to address the growing disdain, they must first restore trust with the American people.  If you say you are going to secure our borders, then secure them, if you say you are going to enforce the law, then enforce it.  If you take an Oath of Office then keep it."  Pearce declared

The call for a special session comes as the governor is reportedly considering calling at least one special session to deal with the state’s budget problems.   Sen. Pearce and other supporter expanding the call to tackle the illegal alien problem as well, recognize the crime, the cost in billions of dollars, the jobs taken from Americans, lower wages, the huge impact to educate, medicate and incarcerate and, will take this issue to the people by way of initiative. If the Governor declines, Pearce and supporters of  "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act" will be filing a Citizens Initiative to make sure the public who pays the price for failed policies of non-action have the last say.

Pearce unveiled legislation at a press conference that would crack down on illegal immigration in various ways.  The three components of the bill are:

1. Outlawing “sanctuary city” policies by prohibiting cities and towns in Arizona from limiting or restricting enforcement federal immigration laws to less than the full extent of the law.  (municipalities should reserve the right to be sancturary cities - he is trying to further criminalize migheant sympathizers and good smaritans) This state has seen and continues to see various open border special interests groups constantly apply pressure to give illegal immigrants a pass.  Outlawing sanctuary cities makes sure the dedicated men and women in Arizona law enforcement are not handcuffed by bureaucrats who would turn a blind eye to the illegal immigration crisis.

2. The second provision would make it a Class 1 misdemeanor for an illegal alien to enter into or be on any public or private land in Arizona if they are in violation of federal immigration law.  The charge is elevated to a Class 4 felony if someone is convicted, deported and they return to Arizona.  The charge would rise to a Class 2 felony if this person violates this section of the law while committing other crimes involving illegal drugs, weapons or terrorism. (RED FLAG HERE!!!)

3. The third provision puts some needed teeth in the state’s employer sanctions law. It would give civil subpoena power to prosecuting agencies enabling them to question witnesses and obtained needed documentation. That’s the same type of authority that is used by the Arizona Insurance Department and the Department of Liquor License and Control. This authority will give prosecutors the ability to more efficiently and more quickly investigate claims. It will essentially open the second half of the employer sanctions law that up until now has dealt primarily with criminal complaints against employees.

Sen. Pearce stated, “We have seen sharp decreases in both crime and illegal immigration, which demonstrates that enforcement works. What we need to do now is safeguard that enforcement by making some much needed changes in state law.  Illegal immigration creates one of  the greatest hard ship on working families who live in neighborhoods impacted by kidnappings, home invasions, gangs, drugs and drop houses (lies!!!). They see their wages depressed by greedy business owners who exploit an illegal work force.  This law will also have a deterrent effect. Until the federal government wakes up to the crisis, illegal border crossers will at least be on notice to stay out of Arizona.”

County Attorney Andrew Thomas said “I greatly appreciate Sen. Pearce’s continuing efforts to reign in illegal immigration by giving law enforcement and prosecutors the tools they need to address this crisis.  By strengthening our employer sanctions law, outlawing sanctuary city policies, and making it a crime to illegally immigrate into Arizona, this legislation would send a strong deterrent message to would-be illegal immigrants and the people who hire them.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio stated, “This new legislation is very important given the fact that the federal government has moved to restrict my authority to enforce illegal immigration laws. Their recent action in doing so makes this legislation even more critical to ensure that state laws are in place so I can continue to do my job.”

Officer Mark Spencer, president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association stated, “It’s never wrong to support the rule of law. Phoenix Police officers see a clear connection between illegal immigration and the quality of life in the city of Phoenix.  When it comes to illegal immigration, rank and file Phoenix police officers have paid a heavy price protecting our communities. Over 80 percent of PLEA members are supportive of legislation that gives them the discretionary ability to enforce immigration statutes.”

Supporters of this legislation include the following members of the Arizona Legislature
(remember these names for later actions)
Rep. Frank Antenori   
Rep. Cecil Ash       
Rep. Ray Barnes       
Rep. Andy Biggs       
Rep. Judy Burges       
Rep. Steve Court       
Rep. Rich Crandall
Rep. Sam Crump       
Rep. Doris Goodale       
Rep. David Gowan       
Rep. Laurin Hendrix   
Rep. John Kavanagh   
Rep. Debbie Lesko       
Rep. Lucy Mason
Rep. Nancy McLain       
Rep. Steve Montenegro   
Rep. Rick Murphy       
Rep. Warde Nichols          
Rep. Franklin Pratt       
Rep. Michele Reagan   
Rep. Carl Seel       
Rep. David Stevens       
Rep. Andy Tobin       
Rep. Jerry Weiers       
Rep. Jim Weiers   
Rep. Vic Williams       
Rep. Steve Yarbrough   
Sen. Sylvia Allen       
Sen. Bob Burns       
Sen. Pam Gorman       
Sen. Ron Gould       
Sen. Linda Gray       
Sen. Jack Harper       
Sen. John Huppenthal
Sen. Al Melvin       
Sen. Jonathan Paton   
Sen. Steve Pierce       
Sen. Thayer Verschoor   
Sen. Jim Waring       

Additional endorsement/supporters of  "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhood Act" include: (them too).

•    Latest Poll 89% of public (Not me!!!!)
•    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio
•    Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas
•    Mark Spencer, President, Phoenix Law Enforcement Association
•    Ed Tuffly, Local 2544 president, National Border Patrol Council
•    Brian Fieros Thomas Hardie, Local Union No. 394 Plasterers' and Cement Masons
•    Arizona Republican Party by a unanimous Resolution
•    Rob Haney, Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman
•    Tom Husband, Maricopa County Republican Party executive director
•    Sandy Doty, member-at-large, Maricopa County Republican Party
•    Pinal Co. Sheriff Babeu
•    Mohave Co. Sheriff Sheahan
•    Yavapai Co. Sheriff Waugh
•    Cochise Co. Sheriff Dever
•    Gila Co. Sheriff Armer
•    Navajo Co. Sheriff Clark
•    Graham Co. Sheriff Allred
•    Greenlee Co. Sheriff Tucker
•    The Maricopa Deputy's Law Enforcement Association
•    Arizona Highway Patrol Association
•    Bryan Stoller, Arizona Fraternal Order of Police
•    Col. Albert Rodriguez , president of You Don't Speak for Me
•    Arizona African American Republican Club
•    Arizona Republican Assembly
•    Anna Gaines, president, American Citizens United
•    The Pachyderms
•    9-11 Families for a Secure America
•    United SovereignAmerica (USA)


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