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Monday, October 26, 2009

Arpaio's Racial Profiling Guidebook

From the capitol times, where you can read the rest of the article:

Suspect detainment criteria outlined in handbook

by Capitol Times' AZ Policy Wonk: Matt Bunk 10/26/09

It took about two weeks, but Sheriff Joe has figured out where he got the list of criteria to detain illegal immigrants. 

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office released a statement earlier this week that noted he will continue to use a set of indicators - including an inability to speak English, unusual appearance and the location where people are stopped - to detain people who might be illegal immigrants. The media release sent out on Oct. 21 stated that the source of those indicators was actually a training manual used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents - not federal law, as he had previously said. 

The media release started out this way: “Several recent televised interviews of the sheriff have mischaracterized and confused the context of the explanation he has given of his
office’s practices and procedures. This should set the record straight.”

Arpaio noted that his office doesn’t target people of any specific nationality, and that his deputies don’t rely on any one indicator before detaining a suspected illegal immigrant. Rather, he stated that his office must have reasonable suspicion that a state law has been violated, which can lead to follow-up interrogation to develop additional indicators or facts to support detainment. 

Basically, the idea is that he is going to continue using the indicators below as a tool to detain suspects: 

-Does the detainee have a thick accent or not comprehend English

-Whether the individual had identification

-Is the location of the stop a known illegal alien locale

-Is the detainee’s appearance unusual or out of place in the specific locale

-Does the detainee appear to be in transit or recently traveling

-Did the detainee’s demeanor change (i.e. “freeze or take flight”) when first spotted by the officer

-Did the vehicle seem overcrowded or ride heavily

-Did the passengers in the vehicle slouch down, slump or attempt to avoid being detected in the vehicle 

The handbook was used when local law enforcement officers were trained by ICE to be de-facto 
immigration agents. But the press release also mentioned (in the last paragraph) that the 100 MCSO deputies trained to take part in the program will have to turn over their ICE credentials soon...

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