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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time for a new movement: Wanbli

This just came today through Freedom Archives' Political Prisoner News. I've been thinking pretty much the same thing of late - not just AIM, all of us...
News blackout (whiteout): Fasting for Peltier at the White House
By Brenda Norrell

Ben Carnes, Choctaw, and Rob Fife completed a week long fast at the White House, to bring attention to President Obama of the long standing injustice of the imprisonment of Leonard Peltier. But if you check Google News this morning, you will see that there's only one news article, the one posted by Narco News.

Since the columns here go directly to Google breaking news, mainstream reporters can not claim that they were uninformed. It is obvious that freedom for Leonard Peltier remains one of the most censored issues in the media, even as Amnesty International calls for Peltier's immediate release.

News reporters weren't the only ones ignoring this fast. So far, there's been no word from President Obama, who could see the men fasting from his window.

Today, Wanbli, at the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, released a statement, "Ignoring us out of existence." It is appropriate for these times, when censorship has increased to such an extent that the US media is a mockery of the ethics of journalism.

Ignoring us out of existence

by Wanbli

"From the time the invaders have come to our Turtle Island they have tried to murder the Indigenous Peoples out of existence . They have tried to rape the Indigenous Peoples out of existence. They have tried to poison us out of existence. They have tried to steal us out of existence. None of it worked , completely. Although they did manage to kill 40 million of us in 500 years.

We are still here.

Now they are trying to ignore us out of existence: Ignore their broken treaties, ignore their theft of our land and the killing of our women and children, ignore the medals of honor that the US government awarded for the murders at Wounded Knee and Sand Creek, ignore the infant mortality rate of our people, ignore our health care. Ignore us till we disappear.

While our children aren't learning sign language but learning gang signs. They aren't learning their language, but the language of the larger culture. They are not learning their own peoples' spirit tradition, but those of people who come from a different part of the world. They are not learning the traditional songs, but learning gangster rap.

In the ignoring of us and the needs of our people they are ensuring that our people blend into the melting pot.

I don't want to blend into the melting pot. I don't want my children or grandchildren to be a part of the american way . It is a way of disgrace and dishonor.

In the past couple of days people have said to me don't rock the canoe, be nice and write letters and file things with them to get changes.

That doesn't work .

The canoe is sinking and we have a choice to sit quietly till we drown or to rock hell out of it.

The only way we can get their attention is by embarrassing them or irritating them .

They have proven with 8 years of george bush that they can't be embarrassed.

I've been told that we shouldn't irritate them.

We haven't irritated them enough ! Our only chance to regain our peoples health as cultures is to irritate the hell out of the oppressor.

Make them make changes or make them spend so much time dealing with us that they decide to do the right thing.

It's time for a new movement ... a movement that will not accept appeasement. A movement that will not sit nicely and wait for promised changes. It time for a new generation of warriors to step up and defend our people against the continued cultural genocide while there is still a people to defend.


Listen online interviews with Ben Carnes, and Wanbli, during last week's fast:

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