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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Good for the residents of Fountain Hills who came out for a community meeting in support of those targeted by these hate crimes. This comes from the fortress of the predominately white, upper-class town that Joe Arpaio calls home:

3 Fountain Hills teenagers accused of 'KKK' vandalism

Three Fountain Hills High School students are accused of committing the vandalism that stirred fears within the upscale community.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio made the announcement at a community meeting Wednesday.
Alex Castellanos, 18, along with two juveniles ages 17 and 15 were charged with criminal damage, officials said.

The three students admitted to vandalizing seven vehicles, Arpaio said.

The most recent was discovered Sunday morning when Michele Jaber, who is Black, awoke to find a swastika, "KKK" and sexual images painted on her Ford and a friend's Cadillac outside her Fountain Hills home.

"We will not allow anyone to take hate through our town," Jaber told the about 200 community members who filled the center.

Jaber thanked the Fountain Hills residents for their support. She encouraged parents to talk to their children about "tolerance, respect and the beauty of diversity."

Arpaio, who lives in Fountain Hills, told community members that he understood the fear of possible white supremacists taking residence in the in the posh foothills community east of Scottsdale. But, he said that isn't the case in this instance.

"We've said from the beginning that they were juveniles," Arpaio said. "I don't think we have a lot to worry about."

Castellanos, who is on the high school football team, will also be charged with delinquency of a minor, officials said.

Parents of the three students will also be cited through a town ordinance, Arpaio said. The sheriff, who offered a $5,000 reward to find the vandals, said the students didn't have a racial motivation. 

Reporter Beth Duckett contributed to this story.

(How is there not "racial motivation" for KKK and swastikas being spray painted on a window? And why would we think white supremacists might move in there?)

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  1. …because these kids have money, are athletes and live in an upper-crusty neighborhood or whatever, their actions aren't racist? Is that what the Sheriffs Dept is saying there? That's how I took it.

    Thanks for the news!