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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

G-20 Resistance: The people's uprising

The following is from a post sent out to the Phoenix Anarchist Coalition, which they got from the Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project. It specifically addresses the march on the 24th; people are protesting all week though - I believe there will be something of an encampment, so hit their website below to find out what the G-20 resistance is all about. And remember - as the news comes in from the resistance actions, if you see a 20-something white male running down the street in black with a moltov cocktail in his hand and a bandanna covering his face, it's probably an FBI provocateur, not a real anarchist.

I posted on this two weeks ago, but it's coming up now so here's a reminder - blessings for a safe journey, and thank you, if you're making the trip to Pittsburgh to demonstrate next week.


The People’s Uprising! Mass March on the G-20 Summit (Sept. 24)

Capitalism isn’t in crisis, capitalism IS the crisis…

For a present and future worth living we must act…

For a world based on dignity, love, compassion and sustainability we must work to build it…

Against all systems and relations of injustice, exploitation and oppression we endlessly and uncompromisingly rebel…

Meet: 2:30pm at Arsenal Park (40th Street & Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville)

We invite you to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Sept. 24 for a global justice convergence coinciding with, and occurring alongside, resistance to the G-20 summit descending on our city that same week.

For four days, thousands of people from all walks of life will be active participants in actions and dialogues that go beyond the G-20 summit to the heart of what matters: why is the world the way it is and what can we do about it? The summit offers a strategic opportunity to answer these questions and demonstrate our ongoing resistance to the existing social order.

During this convergence there will be community gatherings, labor marches, climate justice actions, events to connect global injustice to local institutions, and dozens of other activities. This is a gathering of those disaffected who are far from demoralized. A coming together of those who refuse to be crushed by this system’s violence and exclusion, who desire something more than to live their lives and observe the world around them through a pane of glass.

On Thursday, September 24, the G-20 summit officially begins and we will hold a mass march to their walled off meeting site downtown. This march will not be state-sanctioned; it is unpermitted and intended to allow people the space and freedom to oppose the G- 20 how they see fit. The rest is up to you! There will be different contingents focusing on workers, students and climate issues, alongside other feeder marches, bands, and hundreds engaged in a collective effort to disrupt the summit. The summit is much more than a meeting; it is the creation of a spectacle, legitimizing the ability of the few to wield power in the minds of the population and that is far more important to contest than an event that could conceivably occur as a giant conference call.

This march is the main event on Thursday, something that has been acknowledged by other sectors mobilizing against the summit. Some of our comrades have had experiences with going to protests in which 150 or 300 people, mostly wearing black, attempt to disrupt an event and are attacked by police only to find themselves isolated and without support in the broader community. We can't stress enough that this is not what's going to go down in Pittsburgh. We believe it is time for our movements to once again realize our power and to start thinking and planning with that strength in mind. We’re not going to settle for ducking behind others’ events. We’ve got numbers and we don’t need that kind of cover. Not to mention, if you live in the Steel City, you’re familiar with the overlap, the same faces at both liberal and radical events. Planning a march at the same time would only serve to decrease our numbers on both fronts. And ultimately, we aim to show solidarity based on respect for a political diversity within this struggle. We’ll be living and working alongside other Pittsburgh communities of resistance long after the pepper spray has cleared the air and the out-of-towners have headed home. We want to respect the stated goals of our neighbors, to protest the destructive, undemocratic policies of the G-20 and demonstrate that a better world is possible. Diversity of tactics works best when the space is available for that diversity to actually occur.

At its heart, this mass march springs from an understanding that our miseries and the myriad of injustices we see and experience are all consequences of the way in which society is structured. Profit is extracted from others’ labor and to achieve a maximization of profit necessitates a division of people along socially constructed lines, that decision-making and privilege are hierarchically arranged, that competition and the desire for total control necessitate ever expanding apparatuses of oppression and fear.

This is therefore not simply an “appeal” to the political process for universal health care, for an end to attacks on workers’ rights to organize, for an end to occupations of others’ lands, for clean water, for accessible education for all, for sustainability to forestall ecological collapse, or for a break with corporate power. It rejects both a singular focus on single issue organizing and the false notion that our world vision is about bringing together a bunch of complaints about the way things are. This march is our statement that our solutions must be as systemic as the problems we face, that our future lies in a “movement of movements” that work synergistically with one another to produce victories based on the interconnected nature of solutions. And so we don’t come to ask, beg or negotiate, we come to find strength in one another to work towards a society in which the injustices and indignities with which we struggle every day can finally be addressed.

In solidarity,
Pittsburgh G-20 Resistance Project

Convergence Center: 4374 Murray Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15217 (at the corner of Murray and Hazelwood in Greenfield).

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