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Rather, these are just my observations in arguably the most racist, fascist, militaristic state in the nation at a critical time in history for a number of intersecting liberation movements. From Indigenous resistance to genocidal practices, to the fight over laws like SB1070 and the ban on Ethnic Studies, Arizona is at the center of many battles for human rights, and thus the struggle for prison abolition as well - for none are free until all are. I retired the blog in APRIL 2013.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hitting the Radar

I was going to post Governor Brewer's public schedule for this week, but the current one isn't on her website.

Go figure. I'm sure that's just because of all the uncertainty about the budget negotiations.

A big part of me wants to camp out at the Capitol overnight and harangue all the Republicans as they do their dirty deeds in the morning, but it just isn't worth the trouble it would bring, and I'd advise other folks against it. Those people criminalize anyone who disagrees; they'll just laugh at us and throw away the key.

Along those lines, I don't think I'm under the radar anymore, so my friends who have not already been acting as if my communications are hot should now proceed on that assumption - and certainly don't take seriously any suggestions or inferences I make about demonstrating (like at the FBI's office or the Governor's appearances) unless you plan to dance with the sheriff, the feds, or the state police; I want to empty the prisons, not fill them. I honestly don't know what the law says is okay anymore in terms of protest.

As for myself, once I give them reason I'll be lucky if all that happens to me is a booking and a trip to Tent City. Copwatchers, please track me down if they take me away. I waive all rights to confidentiality if you show up at the asylum gates. In all probability I'll be getting strapped down and slated to have high voltage sent through my brain (everyone knows that women who resist domination are clinically insane). Even if you hear me say I want them to hook me up, storm the damn place! Otherwise it'll take me two years to regain my memory.

Okay. Enough histrionics. Leave the psych wards and good doctors alone. My family will begin to get worried. Just know that none of us are really "safe". You might even want to steer clear of me for awhile.

I'll keep posting pertinent (or just entertaining) information about government activities as long as I can locate it; I do think it's healthy for our public servants to expect to be held accountable - all in accordance with the finest of American (non-violent) traditions - and to know that we can find them as easily as they can send goons after us. As far as I'm aware, there's nothing against the law about knowing where our elected officials are doing their public duties.

Not yet, anyway.

In that spirit: Russell Pearce's office in the State Senate is in room #110. His phone number there is 926-5760. His email is I understand he's not at all the hateful, racist ogre some have made him out to be. Since this is the end of the regular legislative session - and he's worked so hard on our behalf - send him some dandelions or something if you can swing it, and tell him I said hello.

Last thing: if you really plan to hit the legislature (that's just a figure of speech, folks) before the final, final budget deal is made, look for the Education Committee meeting - the Appropriations Committee wouldn't pass the leadership's agenda last night, so Burns (President of the Senate and long-time champion of a Woman's Right to Choose) just moved the budget package to a committee that I imagine will rubber-stamp it by the time the day is through.

So, as evidenced by that move (and the governor suing the legislature), even diversity within the Republican party isn't tolerated. End of discussion; Arizona-style democracy inaction triumphs once again. Our last great hope is the continued immigration of enlightened beings (or a mass alien abduction of the right-wing....).

Goodnight, June.

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